Get Grip on Teaching

Get Grip on Teaching

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Get Grip on Teaching

After years of overseeing great Sunday School teachers, I now teach Sunday School. I now experience the week-in and week-out struggles. In consulting with churches and experienced Sunday School teachers, the following simple object lesson developed. Using this object lesson helps me maintain my focus on teaching, or better said, the facilitating of learning from God’s Word. It also helps me support the growth of God’s kingdom by remembering what is important and reminding me to invest in others.

Team Up for Ministry

The Thumb: The thumb does not stand alone—and neither should teachers. Teachers are members of a TEAM. EVERY person God sends to a class is a member of the team. It is the teacher’s job to find out what position each team member should play and give them the freedom to work. Too many teachers see themselves as having to do the ministry by themselves.

Begin with a Question

The Pointer Finger: Start each lesson with an opening, ice-breaker question. You could ask a nonthreatening question that makes giving a response comfortable for everyone. The answer should be based on feelings or experience rather than academic or biblical knowledge.

Consider securing a copy of the Serendipity Bible as a supplement to your ongoing curriculum. It offers great ice-breaker questions.

Teach with the Main Point in Mind

The Third Finger: This next finger stands for the “main point” of each lesson. Consider this: If you could only communicate one point during the lesson, what would that

point be? Responding to this question helps you keep class discussions and conversations on the “main point” of a lesson.

Keep Relationships Central

The Ring Finger: The ring finger represents relationships; make relationships a priority. If possible, provide monthly fellowships so that anyone absent from a fellowship has

only one month to wait until the next fellowship. Use class meetings as opportunities to develop evangelistic relationships with prospects, friends, and neighbors. Fellowships provide class members with a practical strategy for befriending, inviting, and witnessing to the lost.

Empower Potential Leaders

The Pinky Finger: The pinky finger represents mentoring, training, and investing in someone who will take up the mantle of leadership after you. You constantly need to develop an apprentice to whom you will either hand off the class or whom you send out with volunteers in six to twelve months to start a new class. Who is your apprentice?


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