Our SPM Works

1. SPM Bible Class Ministries


We have a small Bible Institute. Its contact Bible Institute, I mean we conduct classes once in a month.

Around 44 students have been enrolled in these classes. We conduct it one to two days in a month about four sessions that cover the outline of two subjects or topics. Many students are the college-going students, young men and women.

Some of them come from very far to attend the classes and some guest teachers also come to take the classes.

 Syllabus of Great Commission Bible Institute

It’s a one-year program name C.Th. (Certificate in Theology). We try to complete around six to ten subjects within one year.

We divide a day into two sessions like 10 am to 1 pm first session and 2 pm to 4 pm second session. Below is the Syllabus and Plan Details of the Great Commission Bible Institute.


Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the following few points, I am going to mention the name, budget, and plan for the Bible institution which I am going to start in Odisha and in other states of India as God willing. I need your prayers and supports.

Name of Institution: Great Commission Bible Institute (GCBI)

Name of National Director of Bible Institutions: Rev. Kula Ranjan Nayak, B.Th., M.Div., M.Th.

1. Purpose of GCBI: The purpose of GCBI (Great Commission Bible Institute) is to imparting the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His teachings and training people according to the demands of the situations of that particular area or place.

And send them to preach the gospel, evangelizing the people and establishing new churches by bringing more people to Christ Jesus.

 2. The function of GCBI: GCBI would function on the basis of CONTACT CLASSES which would last for 2 to 5 days in a month according to the situation of that place.

3. The Courses GCBI offers C. Th., D. Th., B.Th., but for now we will start with C. Th. program only for this year and later we will see other courses also….

4. Plans of Running GCBI: As I have already mentioned that this will function as contact classes and will be organized for complete two days of the program in a month.

  • C.Th.:
    • 1year of program
    • 2 semesters in a year
    • 1 semester is 5 months
    • 2 semesters 10 months
    • Remaining two months would be for Orientations, Practical and Graduation services
    • In a day there will be 2 Periods
    • In two days 4 periods
    • In five months 20periods
    • And in a year 40 periods


  • Subjects: 10 selected subjects will be taught in a year. one subject in a month, thus in a year 10 subjects will be taught. The tentative subjects are as follow: 
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Book of Acts
  • Life and ministry of Jesus
  • Pauline Epistles
  • General Epistles
  • Evangelism
  • Introduction to Theology
  • History of Israel
  • Discipleship
  • John’s Gospel
  • Synoptic Gospel, etc. with all other available materials and resources.


  • Food and Lodging: The students will be given lodging and fooding for complete two days of time: These two days fooding contains: 
  • 2 breakfast
  • 4 lunch
  • 3 dinner
  • Tea and snacks 
  • Expenditures Great Commission Bible Institute 
  • For food
  • For rent hall for classes
  • For Cook
  • For travel allowance
  • For teachers who will come to teach

 Total budget: 400 USD per month 

  • Expenditures for National Director
  • For house rent 200 USD
  • For travel and food 200 USD


Total budget: 400 USD per month

 The classes will be organized between 15th  to 25th of every month……………………….

Future Plans:

I am already on the procedure to open Bible institutions in Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, and Uttarakhand, etc.


If God willing, I am planning to start very soon.. as I said for each Bible Institute the approximate expenditure would be around 400 USD per month for all expenses, so please pray for us and if possible extend your helping hand towards us.

Finance and Support of Great Commission Bible Institute

We do not have any sponsors and funds for this program. For the first 3 months, one of my fellow pastors supported and later he stopped telling some financial crises.

But I want to continue it as long as God helps me and enables me to run this Great Commission Bible Institute.

I have to provide food, travel expenses, and all other expenses for the classes. So only to conduct classes the approximate expenses is 400 hundred dollars ( around 28 thousand INR), you can see the details above.




The purpose of our Bible Institute is nothing but train young men and women for the Kingdom of God.

Make the present generation as outstanding leaders to lead the coming world towards Christ Jesus.

As I said, most of the students are young boys and girls, college-going students, GCBI’s purpose is to make them proper disciples to go all over the world and preach the nations.

I have just briefly explained about my Bible Institution. The ultimate purpose of this Bible Class Ministries is to make the Gospel reach to as many as people in the world.

If you love the Lord and be part of this ministry then please extend your helping hands towards us.

You can do it by going to our DONATE page.

Thank you, and may God Bless you.


2. SPM Church Ministries

I am happy to tell you about our Church ministries that what our pastors are doing here in Odisha state of India, especially among the tribal, weak, and oppressed people.

I am the director of this “Spiritual Profits Ministries” (SPM) Church, and Pr. Dominic Nayak is the founder and central pastor. We were a total of eleven members in our team, but one person passed away and went to be the glory of God.

Some of them are pastors, and some of them are both pastors and teachers. Pr. Dominic Nayak was called by God and ordained by God’s servants and serving among these people. He has established around ten churches so far, and most of them are home churches.

History and background of SPM Church Ministries

Once, we all were in a Roman Catholic background. A few years back in 1990, my cousin Santa Ranjan Nayak was born, but soon he was found to be affected by polio.

In the same year, a big convention was held in Cuttack in Odisha, the speaker of which was Dr. D.G.S. Dinakaran and Gospel Preacher and a healer from India.

When my uncle Deacon Marsel Nayak heard of that meeting, he took my cousin Santa Ranjan Nayak, there to get healing, he was not healed and still not recovered, but they came with the gospel message.

After my uncle returned home, he shared everything with my father, younger uncle, and family members. Thus we all came to the Lord and accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and the Lord. Then I was studying in the 6th class.

Development of SPM Church Ministries

Since the year 1990, we grew in the Lord in praying and worshipping Him.

But my father, Pr. Dominic Nayak, had a special calling for the church planting ministries, so God started using him to establish new churches in new places.

So he started working for the Lord, among the other relatives of our family and then other people, especially among the tribal people in our nearby places, and he established 5 to 7 churches here. 

 In 2001, my father, Pr. Dominic, was ordained as a full-fledged pastor by Pastor Benjamin Behera (Cuttack) and Pastor Mukriraj Nayak (Damonjudi) as God spoke them many times about the ordination of my father.

Since then, we are at the service of God; many people came to Christ; many more churches were added to the Lord. And now we have ten churches and ten pastors and me, we all at His service.

Methods and Approaches of SPM Church Ministries

We use the Pauline methods of evangelism and do the indigenization ways of works. When we plan to start a church, we focus on place and a potential person from that place. 

Because when we start the church there, we teach people or new believers how to worship and read the Bible, etc. along with giving some extra training of leadership to that particular person.

Our ultimate motive of doing this is, once that person is ready for the leadership of that church, we ordain him and hand over the responsibilities of that church to him to lead in the Lord.

These methods help us in two ways: 

  1. We no need to give that local pastor house rent or food expenses; he manages all himself because he is from that village. 
  2. He provides the fulltime in his gospel work looking after the believers, conducting services, meetings, etc. from time to time.

And the central pastor visits the churches as per his schedule, convenience, or as needed to encourage them in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Finance and Support of SPM Church Ministries

We are purely independent and self-supported, utterly dependent on God. We work and serve the Lord as Apostle Paul was doing.

We appoint a pastor for a church from that church itself, as I have mentioned above so that we no need to take much burden for our physical needs but concentrate on God’s works. 

They work in their field and serve the Lord in their respective villages itself.

Our other needs of the churches met by the tithes and offering of the believers. Every month, we have a pastoral meeting where all the pastors come to that meeting with the tithes and offerings of their particular church.

After the prayer, they discuss the reports and testimonies from the pastors; then, they collect money in one place and distribute it among them.

We do not have any sponsors or supporters from India nor from abroad. We entirely depend on our work and God.

Of course, our pastors have many needs in their families, like school fees of children, current bills, and other expenses.

We are praying to God for any sponsors or supporters to help our pastors financially for particular needs to be met, as mentioned above, so that they may be more tension free to serve the Lord.


I have presented our SPM Church ministries very briefly. Whatever I gave discussed or mentioned are the real experiences of our pastors. Please do pray for us and our ministries.

We, too, have a small Bible Class ministry, which you can read by going here.

We welcome anyone who can support our pastors and our ministries. Someone can help us by going to our DONATE page or contact us to know more about our works.

Thank you very much for patiently reading about our ministries.